Frontier playing at Stella's Music Club in Cleveland, Ohio

  The musicians in Frontier grew up in the same town and bonded over their shared passions for music of the past and present. Each member brings a unique musical style to the band and over the past 2 years we’ve grown comfortable in mashing those individual influences into one sound that is Frontier.

From the Beginning

Sound check before a show

  Starting out, the band was a country cover band. After learning all the covers and playing local gigs, we realized the only way for us to evolve as a band was to start writing our own material. We then quickly realized we were a Rock n' Roll band. Over the past year, we've continued playing cover gigs to help pay for studio time.

Looking to the Future


  We’re heading back into the studio to cut more music for our debut EP. The expected release date is late fall/early winter 2019. We will continue playing shows and opening for touring bands. Also we will be adding youtube music videos to our channel

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